altSmo's Ice Bottles

Features of altSmo's Ice Bottles

  • Made of Quality Glass
  • Beautiful frosted body
  • Glass dropper with needle tip
  • Childproof cap

Glass is heavier, breakable and costs more than plastic. So why glass?

  • Recyclable and green to the environment
  • Perfect for long term storage and steeping of e-juice
  • Does not leech harmful chemicals into e-juice

Note: The bottles are named Ice Bottles because they have an icy appearance. The bottles are cool aesthetically speaking, not temperature-wise.


Great Pacific Garbage Patch Gently killing the planet

This is a moving mess of plastic formed by winds and ocean currents. We don't see it because it is out in the ocean, but this poisonous floating island of plastics is estimated to be 3 times the size of France. Read all about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on BBC.

If in the event you cannot avoid plastic bottles, please do send them for recycling locally. Do not send them back to altSmo because shipping costs the earth greenhouse gasses!