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Like your brain, Grey Matter has two sides. On one hand, hints of spiced vanilla, warm graham cracker, maybe even the ghost of a marshmallow haunting a dark night; on the other, strains of fragrant pipe tobacco or perhaps just a quality light cigarette. Like a truly quality tobacco - but is there any tobacco in there at all, really? - this premium e-liquid embraces the complexity of its flavor in a way that makes you want to spend an afternoon just sitting back and pondering it. Get the big bottle: it’s a lot to think about!

Flavor Profile
PrimaryVanilla, maybe? Graham? Marshmallow? Is this S’Mores e-liquid?
SecondaryOr could it be a pipe tobacco blend?
FinishesGive it another vape and keep thinking about it.

Note: Grey Matter is 50/50 blend from Mister E Liquid.

Ready to VapeReady to vape
50/50 blend
 Bottle Size135ml



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