Vaping-Grade Nicotine


For purveyors of quality vape, is proud to introduce NicSelect®.

NicSelect® is made by Alchem International, a world-class manufacturer of plant-based chemicals for medicines and nutraceuticals. Alchem has been producing pharma-grade liquid nicotine from tobacco plants for nicotine patches and gums, and is now creating vaping-grade nicotine for e-liquid manufacturers.

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NicSelect FAQ

Is nicotine harmful?
altSmo NicSelect
Nicotine is not a carcinogen, but the impurities that can result in the manufacturing process can be harmful. That’s why the purity and quality of the nicotine you’re vaping is important.
Why is the quality of nicotine important?
altSmo NicSelect
The impurities can result in manufacturing. Some nicotine is made synthetically. Some is exported illegally from China. Where it’s from, how it’s made and the purity of the product matters – a lot.