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Quality 100% USA made concentrated Sweetener flavoring is perfect for use with your nicotine juice. Mixing juice yourself is a very economical and is a very simple process. This is the same flavoring that we use in all of our E Juice. USP kosher grade flavoring. Artificial color and Diacetyl free. No added salts or sugars. Use sparingly this can overpower other flavors quickly.

Sweetener is optional when you DIY your own e-juice but recommended if you prefer a sweeter vape.

Ingredients List: Sucralose Artificial Sweetener, Propylene Glycol. USP Kosher Grade Flavoring.

altSmo's assessment
Try adding just 1 drop to 10ml of e-liquid, then shake well. This will be sufficient to give you a hint of sweeteness. We have tried 2 drops, and we smiled like a little boy with a candy bar. Yummy.




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