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120ml / 250ml Imported nicotine from US

Premium Mix from altSmo is the PG, VG and nicotine blend (USP grade) you will need to mix with flavourings to create vapable juices. It has been pre-mixed to your specification. Premium Mix is currently only available in 120ml bottles. We ship in PET bottles but for long term storage we recommend you transfer the contents into a glass bottle.

Due to the many different PG/VG/Nicotine configuration, we create the mixture when we receive your order. We can mix them pretty quickly but sometimes we get more orders than usual so please allow up to 2 days.

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Do you have to use altSmo’s Premium Mix?
No, but it is highly recommended for beginners and for people who prefer its convenience. It is so easy to use Premium Mix. We use only USP food grade PG/VG blend to create Premium Mix so you can be sure you are getting nothing but quality.

What is the colour of the Premium Mix liquid?
Liquid nicotine can range from colourless to brown. People naturally associate colour with quality, however colour is neither an indication of quality nor potency. Nicotine also does not spoil like a carton of milk. You may want to refer to the following article.

Note: Some DIY users create their PG/VG blend using highly concentrated nicotine sources (100mg/ml or above). A small amount at that concentration is poisonous even to adults. Mistakes in your calculation can make you really sick. Cases of nicotine poisoning are on the rise in the United States and DIY is one of the reasons. So be very careful if you create your own PG/VG mix. Use Easy Mix to reduce your risks. And keep all your DIY supplies away from children.

Warning: Nicotine is poisonous in large enough dose. Approximately 40mg is enough to kill an adult (varies with body weight). What does 40mg mean? That means

  • 7ml of e-liquid at 6mg/ml strength, or
  • 0.4ml of nicotine base at 100mg/ml strength, or
  • less than 1 drop of pure liquid nicotine


Tip: Premium Mix can be purchased at a special price with your favourite flavouring.


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