Authenticity Policy at altSmo

Clones vs Authentic. This is a subject of heated debate. Our policy is clear. For e-juices, they are always authentic. As for hardware, this is a little blurred. Generally if the product is originally from China it is already reasonably priced so will not sell its clones.

For shoppers at identifying authentics and clones are very simple. Just refer to Brand in the product description. This will inform you the manufacturer and leave no doubt of the product's origin. See examples below. Contact us if you need any clarification.

Example#1 If the Brand says Smok Tech then you can be assured the product is authentic from Smok Tech.
Brand Screenshot 1

Example#2 If a product is a clone, Brand will let you know the clone manufacturer (for example, Tobeco). The product description will also mention the product is a clone.
Brand Screenshot 2
Brand Screenshot 3